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Jules Julien

It’s sad how much misogyny I witness every day

some guy shared an article called “What Guys Really Think of Your High-Wasted Shorts” and made the caption “I know you wear them for us ladies, but your not doing us any favors” :/ yes because women were put on this earth to fulfill your every desire you fucking asshole

male celebrities for Emma Watson’s #heforshe

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Scout Willis, arguably one of the coolest chicks around, recently posted these photos on twitter after instagram deleted her account for breaking community guidelines even though men like Dan Bilzerian are totally free to objectify women’s bodies and don’t get any form of censorship whatsoever. Scout’s protest is more about the ability to post freely on istagram, its about fighting for the right for women to be able to have control over their bodies. Think about it, it’s 2014 and women are still shamed for breast feeding in public yet women are constantly objectified and sexualized in the media. #freethenipple


The Veil, 2014


The Veil, 2014

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Your feminism isn’t worth shit if it doesn’t defend trans women

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fuckboy and lava girl

some one told me that people have been talking about my tumblr at school wtf

and one of them said if you women would stop wearing slutty clothes to school men would not sexualize women so much I can’t even believe what I’m hearing right now I’m so pissed

I’m literally so mad rn I’m shaking in math bc I’m surrounded by guys who are mocking feminism and acting like women wanting equal rights is a crime


"Introspection" – Aline Weber by Txema Yeste for TUSH Fall 2013


"Introspection" – Aline Weber by Txema Yeste for TUSH Fall 2013